Do you want to lose weight? Let us coach you on how to lose weight the healthy way.

                                        Is your lifestyle stressful, time-bankrupt and unealthy?


  • Obesity reaching epidemic levels around the world – World Health Organisation, 2003
  • 4th Most prevalent chronic disease today, with 1.2 billion people overweight or obese – World Health Organisation
  • Obesity may surpass smoking as the leading preventable cause of death – Allison D. et all. Research Paper
  • In South Africa, 56% Women and 30% Men are either obese or overweight
  • The average young adult in SA is about 5kg heavier than a decade ago; this indicates a trend of weight gain
  • Key causes are increased consumption of energy-dense foods high in saturated fats and sugars, and reduced physical activity.

The Club Healthpointe program is:

Not a diet...

  • Nor does it utilize any dietary pills or fats or the concept of low fat diet as these generally only work as a temporary measure and one soon returns to your original weight and in many cases people put on additional weight.
  • It works by teaching the body to gradually use fat stores as energy and to stabilise weight and remain at the optimum weight for a lifetime by setting the metabolic point at the ideal weight.
  • The weight loss is rapid and the results are lasting.
  • The program is available as a standalone or as a program with coaching as an optional extra to give you that extra assurance of support during your quest to be your ideal weight

A combination of...

  • Real Food In Real Portions
  • Adequate Water Intake From a Reliable, Purified Source
  • Superior Supplemetation
  • Moderate Exercise

Not using  appetite suppressants, no gimmicks.

A health program that can reduce:

  • Cholesterol
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Body Fat Percentage
  • Blood Sugar Levels
  • Weight, if it is required.

Is different to other programs

  • Simple to follow – even when socializing
  • Never feel hungry
  • Snacking between meals
  • No drugs, no gimmicks
  • Real food in real portions

‘‘Dieters don’t fail because of willpower (or lack of it), they fail because of cravings. If you can’t control your cravings, you can’t stay on a program long enough to get the weight off’’. On the program you enjoy 3 balanced meals a day plus snacks.

The secret of this program is in the two week period after weight-loss, where your metabolism is adjusted to accommodate more food while maintaining your new weight.

Personalized Coaching by a professional wellness coach will assist you to achieve optimal results during the weight loss program.

Healthpointe is a RAPID RESULTS PROGRAM that will see you lose weight fast without going hungry at anytime during the program.

There are no stimulants, gimmicks or weight loss that is only temporary – The weight loss is sustainable for life once your body has been taught how to utilize fat stores for energy and your metabolic rate has been set at a new point to sustain your weight on an ongoing basis.

Cost of program for 45 days (1 cycle) R 1,650.00 available to order online or from consultant who does your HRA (R350.00 - where applicable). Contact Us

After the initial cycle, should you wish to lose additional weight, you simply do another cycle – of course the cost involved in any further weight loss will be vastly cheaper than the initial cycle – you will only incur additional expense if you wish to be coached for a second cycle. This is a very rare occurrence for the simple reason that you will have learnt exactly how the program works.

Please be advised that it is illegal for you to give your HP program to anyone to copy or use without them paying Club Healthpointe for the privilege as there are stringent copyright laws and usage in place.

CLUB HEALTHPOINTE. Where Optimal Health and Wellness is THE POINT.


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